We are a start-up Sangha in the tradition of renowned Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh. Non-dogmatic by charter, we invite and encourage the questioning of all teachings, even those of the Buddha.  We beleive that the seed of enlightenment lies within. In following this path, we seek to water the seeds leading to enlightenment–and not those of anxiety or anger that often block us from living fully or seeing what is so miraculous and wondrous in the present moment.  We are inclusive and invite members of all faith-based religions to join us in this practice.

It is our hope to harness the collective energy of group mindful meditation practice to create a true Sangha, one of deep interpersonal connectedness and growth. To do this, the Sangha must be a safe haven, a refuge for any and all who come. As the Sangha grows and new members become familiar with the practice, more practices will be introduced that help to foster the feeling of security and build a community focused on the Five Mindfulness Trainings.

Deep listening skills, loving-kindness, and compassion–these are the seeds we hope to water. Welcome home. You have arrived.